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I still have the message but I can log in. So I don't see much of a problem for me.
This message does pop up in both games, but when it pops up in heart of the swarm it boots me back to the main sign in menu and will not let me progress any further.
Im in for now Thx
poor bliz employees, working on the weekend, i really wasn't expecting anything done till monday. thanks guys!
I am able to log in to HotS client no problem, but WoL locks up when I do this.
I can login just fine to the game, but the editor won't let me login to publish a map. This is a problem even though I haven't changed any game region. (Haven't even seen anywhere to do that)
its working now, thanksl
I still have the problem...
Working for me now, nice work Blizz.
If everything's working fine and since alot of people that probably don't follow the forums... shouldn't blizz put up a post on the main forum page or wol news to show there's a fix now soon?
I'm still getting the "region may not have updated etc..." on both games. WoL works fine, but the beta has major latency issues now (2 second delay from command to action), and I quickly drop off of
This happened to me. even after blizzard tried to fix it.
Oh now that problems plague PC users you want it fixed? In 2 months when this still persists come talk to the mac populous.
We all know that a lot of problems plague the beta right now, but it's a BETA.... Blizzards doing some things they have never done before (well most of it anyway), and a lot of things are meant to go wrong so they can fix them and learn from those issues. That is the whole point of the beta.

I know the mac issue and lag really irritates people, but they will fix everything one problem at a time. I'd rather it be fixed right, than fixed fast and wrong imo.
Should I not be able to see any of my real ID friends in the HoTS beta?
01/28/2013 11:00 AMPosted by PaCO
Should I not be able to see any of my real ID friends in the HoTS beta?

I don't have it with me... but try switching the gameplay option from Heart of the Swarm to Wings of Liberty in your settings. But I'm not sure as you couldn't in the WoL U.I. beta... at least I wasn't aware of it.
When you log in there are two regions: SCII-1 and SCII-2

Make sure you select SCII-2

Problem solved
I always select ScII-2 when playing the beta. The latency problem persists.

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