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Hey everyone. I have a thread about this exact issue that Aldrexus has been providing updates on. Go here.
Also getting the same errors after Preorder key came on 2/6/13...

Please fix, please!
Same problem here, sadly.
Same problem here too.
Same problem here.
Getting the same error message as well :(
getting the same error
Same error here... :(
Problem still persist on both SCII and SCII Beta
same problem here.
I just got into the beta and I am getting this error with both the game client and the editor.
I have tested with my account and a friend's account and I can't login with mine, but I can with his, this means its account specific at least.
I'm also having the region issue problem as well. When I login, it gives me two account options. I've tried both and neither work.
Amphok 315
i don't know why, but the forum have let me login with another name, that isn't mine
i'm not doob#985

but Amphok#315
I'm getting this with my beta client. New beta access as of yesterday, so haven't managed to log in yet. Normal WoL client works fine.
I wonder if it's relevant to say in this thread the other day I was getting totally trolled by the login screen. When I clicked on the password line to enter my password, the password line would close. So I'd have to hit connect again, only for it to keep closing. Simply restarting fixed the problem, but it was as amusing as it was frustrating.
So if I can post here I should have access to Beta? I just downloaded today "no games for this region" keeps popping up.
Yup me to :(
i have a proble and i dont know where to post it and it kinda makes sense here.My account says that i have HOTS but when i try too log in it doesnt work.....

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