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i need a game master
I pre-purchased HOTS and i want my beta
Same issue here, got a BETA key this AM. Downloaded, installed and can't get with this error.
01/25/2013 12:53 PMPosted by Aldrexus
When switching between the Wings of Liberty retail and the Heart of the Swarm beta game clients, you may receive an error message stating “Game client version mismatch with selected region.” This specific error message is a side effect of changes recently made within the Heart of the Swarm beta game client and should not impact your ability to log into either game. If you receive this message, please press “OK” and try logging into the game normally.

Still having this issue, is there a fix?
anyone know a fix for this im getting the same error tried deleting the reg keys but that didnt do anything....
still having same issue....
i too am getting the no accounts available with this region error please help!
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I can no longer log into WoL either now. I get the same message that I get from HoTS. And going into the editor does not help, as you have to log into your account to even access it. This is absolutely ridiculous! Are the gamemasters doing anything?
Seeing this issue here. Just downloaded the beta, attempting to login, and both SCII-1 and SCII-2 say invalid region.
I also am getting both “Game client version mismatch with selected region.”
and "no accounts available with this region." with HotS.

I only get “Game client version mismatch with selected region.” with wings of liberty.
I can long into WoL fine but, HotS wont work.
HotS doesn't work ! Same freaking error message as the other users =(
Having same issue as all the others.
Got beta key as part of a contest.
I logged into last night and saw I had been flagged for beta access - I installed the HOTS client and got the region mismatch error. That's gone away, but now I'm getting the "no usable chars" bug. Please help?
Am having the same problem i pre ordered HOTS and got access to the beta but its not letting me log in?
You think blizz is working on this over the weekend? They said it probably won't be fixed till early next week. Does that mean it is low priority over the weekend?
I am also having this issue.
I'm having this issue. is there no fix yet?
I just got the beta key from pre-order. Can't log in due to this error.
I'm having the same problem. Just logging in doesn't work.
I preordered HOTS and received a Beta code. When I downloaded the Beta and attempted to log onto the game I received the message to select an account SCII-1 or SCII-2. When I select either one a new message says " Your account has no game accounts that can be used in this region. Are you using the correct client?" and it returns me to the login screen.

please help ty.

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