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I received this error for both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. However, I was able to log in to WoL but not HoTS.

I hope this information helps!

Just weighing in, seems like this is across the board.
I'm writing this on behalf of one of my friends who is having trouble accessing the beta account. He purchased Sc2 HOTS on which, in turn, sent him a BETA key. He applied it to his account and it is showing on that he has access to it; however, He is unable to post in the BETA forums and sign into the client to play HOTS. When trying to log into the client, he is getting the following error message: "Your account has no game accounts that can be used in this region. Are you using the correct client?" Please advise.
Having same issue as everyone else right now.
I'm not able to log in either; haven't gotten to test this at all though. Maybe I'll just hav to wait until March :/
P.S. Even though I see that my account has Beta access, I'm not able to post in the beta forums. If you get around to fixing this, thanks Blizzard.
Have the beta listed under my game accounts. Get the "no accounts in region" error as well.
long time player and user.

reporting the same error, double checked I have beta access and cannot log in! Hoping for a fix soon.
Same issue here, hopefully something gets cleared up!
Pretty disappointed right now :( Here's hoping they get this nailed soon.
same here
same issue for me
Region mismatch error AND region client error D:
same as everyone else
Having the same issue :/
same as well
I am having the same problem :(
Guess will be waiting until the week for it to be fixed.
I am also receiving the error.
I am receiving the "Your account has no game accounts that can be used in this region. Are you using the correct client?" error as well. There is no option to switch from SC2-1 to SC2-2. I can still access WoL with no problems.

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