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Hey Zerg buddies,

I'm trying to incorporate bane rain into my play, especially in ZvP cause I'm trying to get away from infestors. What's the proper way to micro a bane drop on top of a deathball army? I usually just group all my overlords, and hit the unload all command on a spot in the middle of the Toss army, but there has to be a better way yes? Can anyone lay out the series of button presses you need to use for effective bane rain?

I haven't done this in awhile. Might need to look into doing it more often myself. As for how to do it, make sure you have decoys throughout so you're not losing army for every OL killed. Move command behind the army. As soon as they start reaching the enemy army, select the OL, hit Unload All, and click back on the OL. This way, it will keep moving through the army, while unloading.
Yup. Highlight all your overlords while doing this. Then you merely need to click 'unload', then an overlord, then 'unload', another overlord over and over.
same way as muta micro i guess.... Attack with ground army, bring in mutas/ovies. Army autoattacks ground army mutas/ovies have a chance... Then carpet drop by doing what graboid says... make sure their spread though so you can hit them all... And i have no idea whats to prevent them from just killing your ground army leaving you both without an army after the bane rain is done.... so.... cheers!
oh and if dirtyD's and Graboid's description on how to carpet drop isn't good enough you can always look it up on youtube, glorious thing youtube is.

Step 4: Drop the banelings on his army as your overlords fly overhead. This is done by holding down D while you have all of your overlords selected, and then individually left clicking each of your overlords that has banelings in it. This causes your overlords to drop the banelings while continuing to move.

Awesome, that's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks.

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