Hello I am a bit new

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Hello I am a bit new to the Starcraft scene and I was wondering what I should learn to help get me started as a Protoss player, or anything you wish you knew when you were first starting. Any and all help is greatly appreciated thanks.

More than you could ever hope to read, start where you like :)
Another good resource that will really help you:

learn all the major builds vs each race, and what they can do against you

day9's videos are good

watch progamer streams / tournaments

but #1 thing to get better is just practice, practice, and more practice (but make sure you know the major strategies first, or else you'll just be practicing being bad lol)

also google "audio builds", it looks like a great training tool but I haven't personally used it yet
Snafu = Hammer from the Terran forums?


Good advice btw.
I think that's a different Snafu
Snafu = Hammer from the Terran forums?


Good advice btw.

I took a look into this.

This is most likely a different Snafu. The earlier Snafu (Hammer) was most likely hit by the permaban hammer, seeing as he was completely post-wiped.
Hotkeys and control groups. If you don't use hotkeys and don't create control groups you will never get above middle bronze.
Learn all your hotkeys, control groups, etc. and look up Day9 Daily #252, the most important for noobs, and all the rest of the Day9 dailies. Day9.tv is his website

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