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I keep getting the "Game client mismatch with selected region" error. I switched to the KR region with simons relocalizer and played yesterday and the day before just fine, I tried playing again today but no dice. I then tried switching it back to enUS, same problem. Tried switching it back to koKR, same problem, then back to enUS same problem. Please help!
im getting this too, with both wings of liberty and heart of the swarm beta.... but i can still play both fine. every time i open either it says game is up to date but has the 1-2-3 with green bar full like its fully updated for the first time every time i open it. and in that error it says the region isn't updated with the latest of starcraft 2 and i may have to wait for maintenance to finish in that region. im in canada.
Read my post here on fixing it in the registry:
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thanx man, worked like a charm :)
dont know if anyone will see this, but i have been playing SC for a month and have not touched any settings. was playing it on the 9th of july and then when i went to play on the 10th i got the server mismatch. tried on the 11th, same thing. it has been like 4 days that i have been getting this message and my game is up to date. its on auto update so i want to know whats going on

Read this thread and it should help you.

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