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So im a 1v1 Masters Terran who is pretty decent at making ideas for engineering wins. So far every TvZ i've played i've gotten myself into a GREAT 2 base vs 2 base against zerg. Here's the build

Normal cvs production to 10, on 10 build supply depot at wall. With your next scv that pops out putting you at 11 supply, go to his natural. Continue building scvs, NO RAX. build an ebay blocking his hatchery. dont let your scouter scv die, tell it to halt and run away if it gets to half hp. back at home, stop scv production at 14.
build 3 rax, 2 to make your full wall and 1 in the back that he probably wont know about.
here's where the tactics branch off. your scouter scv is checking his 3rd, cause some players just say screw it and build the hatch anyways in the 3rd base.

if he waits for zerglings and builds his natural wait for 5 marines before you go, the hatchery will be delayed to where there should be no spines anywhere near stopping this rush and possably no queens depending on if he wants to continue injecting or not.

if he takes a 3rd proceed at a normal 2 rax timing. 3 marines and there should be no queen and is very unlikely that he will drone transfer because of the LONG march, so no spine any time soon.

the point of this rush is to just trade and it adds up against zerg because you are keeping their drone count low while you are still pumping scvs. But if you are greedy like me...

I always commence with rush with 4-5 scvs. more of 5 now that i've gotten the hang of things. if you so choose, dont build another supply depot getting you over the 27 supply cap, and invest those minerals in bunkers. on cloud kingdom you can make a 3 bunker wall off in range of his hatchery if he isnt ready for it. on larger natural ramps you have enough for 4 bunker walls.

when commencing this rush, you are timed. if u get to his natural and see no hatchery. BOOK IT. he will have banelings or roaches out before bunkers at the ramp are complete, just fall back and build a CC. if he has a natural, you have maybe 1 minute to do damage before speed for lings COULD be ready, and then you should just bounce. but the beauty of this strat is, back at home, you have 3 rax, you can make a full barracks wall at your natural, so even if you lose EVERYTHING, you are still in fairly good shape.

one last move to finish this rush, regardless if you pull back or stay until you die and trade well. build 1 more rax then you need to to complete your wall (sometimes it takes 4 on certain maps) and one of your completed rax, float it at his base, even with 2-3 queens you will get a full scout of his mainbase and natural, and a good idea of how many drones he has. or in most cases a counter roach/baneling aggression

usually regardless of the damage done since you have a full rax wall, i go into 4 CC. From here you build 3 bunkers and fill them up behind your full rax wall (big baneling busts can still kill you) and now you have enough supply that you can build a HUGE turret line and a take a 3rd at the same time zerg does while being up 20 harvesters in (terms of mules)

sounds funny
share games
haha yea i need replays!
how do you add a replay? Im new to forums
anybody? - killed hatchery - kept him down till i had 39 scvs and 4 orbitals to his 20 drones - 32 scvs 2 orbitals vs 23 drones - attempt at roaches to counter this
Alot better than I thought it was going to be, Will try :D
Your transition could use some work but cool little build
It's a delayed 2rax (in the sense that it's an SCV rine attack). It doesn't transition well if you don't do damage, but seems like an okay mindgame, I personally love my tech and 2rax'ing, timings have just been feeling pretty risky and weak against the patchzergs.

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