Diamond TvZ Strat - BC,Ghost,Hellion

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Struggling vs zerg? Use this FUN strat and get a very easy win. Open up with reactored hellions into a 2 ghost drop and battlecruiser attack.

REPLAY: http://drop.sc/299041

Strongly suggest watching replay to undestand what exactly i do.

10 depot
12 rax
13 gas
16 orbital
17 depot
17 gas
19 factory
21 ghost academy
21 techlab on rax

Generally, you will be winging this build. I dont do the exact same every time (supply block, etc) but Usually the way you will end spending your resources is like this

Ghost > Starport > Reactor on factory > Medivac & Ghost > Fusion core

Things to note -

Build 2 marines from barracks
make a techlab AFTER your start ghost academy.
make your ghost academy AFTER you start your factory
make TWO ghosts only.
use your medivac to drop with the GHOSTS using SNIPES on the QUEENS
After making the ghosts and medivac, switch the barracks with the starport, doing this saves you a tiny bit of gas for faster battlecruisers.

The whole time you should be using your hellions to be map aware. Control the watch towers, Check for his third, poke up his natural but make sure not to lose any hellions.

One thing i didnt say, but should be assumed is.. after you switch your barracks you make marines again.

**Dont forget to research YAMATO CANNON after you start your FIRST BC***
this is somewhat considered a all in tho right? i mean u cant really transition out can u?
how many times did you use this opening?
I love weird strategies like this. But what do you do if they surround their base with mass spines/spores?
01/27/2013 09:26 PMPosted by Zazen
I love weird strategies like this. But what do you do if they surround their base with mass spines/spores?

then its gg pretty much. well i havent try this yet but in theory u contain zerg in 2 base and then expand etc behind that and ten u slowly transition outta this and just kill the zerg when ur maxed. most likey the zerg will go for mutas to harass so u gotta be prepared for that. i tried this on a high master. i deny his third kept him in 2 base for pretty long, he massed spines and spores so i cldnt move in. then he just went muta and killed me pretty much. but that was my first game doing this strat. ill try maybe expanding and tech up the next time i do this if i dont straght up kill the zerg.
Hey guys i have another replay on me doing the same strategy, but getting an early expansion with it.

>> http://drop.sc/299451 <<

i do this alot vs zerg if u wanna see more just ask

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