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Hi, for me and all the other people struggling in TvT can one of the well-versed players give us a few good guidelines and tips when playing that matchup? I know the standard marine tank but what are things to look for when playing and ways to outsmart him?

I've been limping on by using a strategy i devised that called the upgrade rush, where I get 3-3 by ~15 minute mark and smash through the tank lines with mass marine medivac; but I feel this has only worked because of the other guy being bad. I macro well, but I have problems being able to be versatile in builds. Usually I just tech thors and skip tanks altogether, and after that Cattlebruisers.

As for mech, I have tried it, but microing tanks is painful for me, so another question is what is the best way to micro tanks (and if you say leap-frogging, how do you do that effectively)

thanks a lot in advance
Dropping marines on a tank line can have some good results. In TvT I really enjoy denying my opponents expansions. This way you can just bleed them out tell they can't keep up with your rapid expanding.
i hate marine tank in tvt its boring and i hate how if you mess up one siege timing you can insta lose. plus it is slow as crap. I go MMM with super super fast double upgrades. i 1 rax expo into 3 and drop a scan at like 6:30 to see if hes going banshees or w.e and if it looks like hes going straight mech i go marauder heavy. i hit a nice 2-2 timing at about 12 minutes with a pretty huge army and ill drop his main while hitting his natural
How do you have 2/2 at 12 minutes? Do you go double Engineering Bay at 6 minutes?

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