Can't play quickmatch or custom games

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Same issue as a lot of people have been reporting. I can't play quick match games. One I click on that tab, I'm taken to a blank screen.

I tried to temporary fixes that were recommended in some threads, and they didn't work for me.

I'm unable contact support as it's currently "offline". Additionally I cannot submit a ticket, as this feature is also blocked.

I have browsed the forums and cannot find any official report confirming this (apparently widespread) issue.

Blizzard, this is shamefully poor service. It's bad enough that there is a serious problem like this, but ignoring it and not accepting phone calls is practically criminal. I paid good money for a service that I'm no longer receiving. Should I be asking for a refund?
Exact same issue, and no explanation as to why we cant even submit support tickets.
I have been waiting and trying everyday for the past month to play but the game won't let me play quickmatch. Blizzard just give me a response instead of removing every option possible to report the issue.
I'm experiencing the same problem.
Ladder screen is blank, no races or game modes, custom games don't work, it won't let me download the maps.
This happens on both my NA accounts, the EU accounts work perfectly fine.

Please respond Blizzard.

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