Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 19)

Joeyray's Bar
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HEY!!!!! I'M ALIVE! Cha miss me?
Who are you?

How easily you have forgotten.
I don't remember no names.
Ello Monkey!

How's that piece of !@#$ Soviet Submarine?
{Red October standing by,}
I am an affiliate of Nukester's......
Been largely absent...
RedOctober's Bar......
The second troll war.....

Ah, CR!
Doesn't ring a bell.
Welllllll thennnnnn
Come on, how's the progress on the Red October? Still the same old piece of Soviet !@#$ full of missiles?
We hold a steady coarse. We plan to drop a missile on America.
02/19/2013 04:14 PMPosted by RedOctober
We hold a steady coarse. We plan to drop a missile on America.
I was worried there for a second, good thing I live in 'Murica! *Puts on Redneck/Hilljack accent*
That holds no strategic value. I dose not even register on our maps.
The shadows quickly swallow up RedOctober then he is spit out into a corner, shivering and muttering. "It's just my way of 'hello'."
I punt SF into the brick wall across the street. He's followed shortly after by his dog Zoey, who sends him through the wall. "Play nice."
My word! Zarkun, you still the law around here?
"No nukes please, too much collateral damage..."

...can't believe I just said that...
*Waits for the right time to return for revenge*

OOC: Quite the dastardly trick....
I spartan kick xer into my XB-540 and watch as he is shot at 500 times the speed of light into space as a stream of sub-atomic particles. "Well time for a drink." I walk back to my seat and order my usual.
I nod at Red, sipping my drink. "Not exactly, but close enough."

"Just out of curiosity, why does everyone beat the crap out of Xer?..."

"Anyway, I'll have Prismatic void with a shot of HBRB."

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