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02/20/2013 02:11 PMPosted by RedOctober
No response to me, Red? :(

Wha u wannnnn! Me no guud eenuff er somfing?

The Fade (a dead character) collects the bruised ego in the room with one of its too pale hands.
He speaks in a hissing voice seasoned with subtle menace. "Quiver in terror mortals! For when I return I shall have crafted this thing into a weapon more feared than the mightiest weapons of your age. I will hold the power to cripple the mightiest of monsters and the greatest of heroes."

He turns and flies out of the bar with his cloak billowing around his incorporeal form.
I look at the the two whose heads are still in the brick wall, one of which had some how fallen to the ground dead and the other with a revolver in his hand. "Talented, I'll give them that."
I pull my head out of the wall. "That was uncalled for!" I yell at Zarkun, still keeping my revolver trained on Red.
"You snuck up on me. I said I was extra jumpy, but no one ever listens to the slightly insane blood drinker, do they?"
I thought he was never going to be seen again.
He comes by occasionally to mope about how hard dead characters have it. It's career ending you see. No more appearances in a story unless someone suffers a flash back.
Can anyone get on DA? For I can't.
I already done did that.
So lucky..... *I use an energy pulse to send ShadowFury to RoachLand, the amazing place full of amazing roaches*

Wonder how long it will take him to get out of there..... Oh well.... Can someone load this cannon with a Psionic Cooler? They make better deadly weapons than drinks....
I force feed xer a Psionic Cooler. "LIES!"
'Bout time I actually get one that doesn't kill me.....

OOC: Got my new glasses today... High Definition
I then break one over his head. "Never tempt me."
I pop back out above xer and dive over to not crush him. I had changed back to my humanoid form, but before I could say 'hi' several Roaches fall out from the same portal and crush xer. When they come off he had been crushed into a rug, yet somehow he still drew breath.
02/20/2013 03:28 PMPosted by Zanon
He comes by occasionally to mope about how hard dead characters have it.

How sad...

Do you think he would like a drink?
Well... that was later than expected ShadowFury.... But.... You are needed to go clean my Ultralisk Stables now.... *I warp ShadowFury to the Ultralisk Pen*

Don't ask what's in there (Besides the Ultralisks, of course).... that's obviously something terrible, even for you ShadowFury.

Edit: I'll take a bottle of Scotty Boldgers old #8, quite obvious no one here has any Dwarven Ale.... However If anyone does, I'll take a keg of the stuff.
All the dung fall out of the sky and covers Xer; soon I drop out in front of the bar playing tag with the Ultralisks.
*Nothing hits me, I use a slipspace round to send back the Ultras*

Shadowfury..... You're doing better than expected......

*I send ShadowFury to a realm of pure chaos, more than enough to drive anyone, even those who are chaos/shadow, to insanity*

Try not to bring anything back, I'd hate to see the bar wrecked...
He is insane. You can't drive a madman crazy.
This bar needs more order and restraint.

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