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"Fleet Beacon is the start of yo' doom. Carriers to motherships what'cha gonna do?"

Should I make an orbital platform for space battles?
xer we already have orbital platforms incorporated into the other stores.

@everyone else that I have been complaining to about my computer. I HAZ NEW LAPTOP!!!!

Listening to an old mix CD my best friend burned for me. Some days...this is my life...

Here's another one. Why can't music be like this anymore? I mean, these are good songs. Inspirational even.
Just as a forewarning again, I'm going to my grandparents again so if I don't answer... You know why.
Okay CR.

We need to move in HB. :P
Dac you need to post on Hell's Bells since we started i don't think you've posted
Dacder I am available for attempting to keep HB moving for a little while. Should also be home early from work and can do more then as well.
I can for a few mins, but aren't we waiting on the DMs to get us back to our ship?
Yes we are.
Just did it. I'd like some feed back from you all on Captain Winterfield's condition. And did no one listen to the music?
Well today seems like a normal sunday...
02/03/2013 09:50 AMPosted by Zarkun
And did no one listen to the music?

I did, and it's 30 sec to Mars, so of course its good.

Here's a few that I like:
Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace
War by Poets of the Fall
Savior of the Dreaming Dead on the Homestuck Album At the Price of Oblivion
Spider8reath on the Homestuck Album At the Price of Oblivion
Rumble at the Rink on the Homestuck Album At the Price of Oblivion
wwretched wwaltz on the Homestuck Album Tomb of the Ancestors
These two are Homestuck pieces that have had voiceovers done for them. Beautiful. In my books at least.
Tis the Superbowl today Kroger
It is? that's what that top bar on Youtube is about...


But in all seriousness, I really couldn't care.
Well the game should be over by now shouldn't it.

No idea.
Welp. That was a good game.
The Superbowl is indeed over.
Here's some more music. Be warned, you almost certainly won't like it.

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