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Many times in recent memory.

Edit-Drac has asked that I inform you he's unable to post for a bit. I will be his messenger.
Double post yes, but there's a good song behind it.

Listen to the meaning behind this song.
Nice, I have to agree. The need for immediate gratification that my generation has... Oy vey. Nor am I free from it myself.
...gotta go check MSPaintAdventures for a Homestuck update...

You shall deal. Just use Youtube. It's fun.
True, but Andrew Hussie can only make Homestuck pages so fast. I really wish he would just change to updating once a week, instead of whenever.
Who in their...nevermind, I don't wanna know. Still, use Youtube. Or I could link you to LFG.
What? Who in their right mind would do what?

And what's LFG?
I'll just link you to the first page.

You will quickly come to love Richard.
...Damnit. Thanks for another addiction.
Don't feel bad, I'm hooked too.
Meh, it's okay.
Can't... stop... reading...

DAMNIT ZARKUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard is just too awesome...
Lol, you read up to the latest page yet? Where are you?
Page 132...

How much more?

I've got an essay to write.
Up to page 641.
I've read them all too, but I'm rereading right now.
And I've got an essay to write.
Captain of The Father's Bones- "Why are there two cats on fire running around my deck?"

Richard Warlick- "I thought it might help combat the recent "burning rat" problem. You are most welcome."
only on 51..... when i saw that it had so many pages.... I said "SCREW THIS!!! I'M GONNA GO PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!"

-5 Seconds Later-


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