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You know hat would be awesome???? An RP in a mainly aquatic setting. I have had the idea in mah head SOOOOOOOO Long and Ive been ironing it out but my RPs never get halfway through 1 thread so unless some wants to start it and DM it and drive the plot I guess itll remain in my head. And yess its SC related.
You can do it Mecha, on it and write out the story you have in mind. Then post the OP and everything.
I have everything but a plot......... The new units, terrain, etc I have but not a plot.......
Knock out that plot then.
Waiting for the drop now.......
I will take a Prismatic Void.
Your sounding excited Zarkie.
Mecha ... no using 'Zarkie' seriously STOP its no harder to type in Zarkun than it is to type in 'Zarkie'
It really does bug me that it's as long as my actual name, yet you refuse to use the name. It's 'un' not 'ie' Two letters. Please, for the love of Gaia, use Zark, or Zarkun.
What really bugs me is that you make a big deal out of it. The purpose is to provoke. DO NOT allow yourself to be provoked.
Im not trying to provoke. Zarkun seems too formal but if it bugs you alright
I think what Zarkun is trying to say.... Is that it gets annoying after awhile being called the same thing that isn't your name.... In real life I wouldn't like it if I was called Chansie all the time.
Just thought I would pop in. Hows the bar holding up?
Not bad, given the amount of explosions around here... other than that, (aka the usual) things are doing good.

Good to see you around again.
*I appear suddenly in the corner*

Has anyone seen my pulsar?
I shrug, sipping a bloody medic;
"Nope, but I doubt it's anywhere you'd want it to be."
I point at something aimed at his head. "That it?"
Errr.... No thats not it
*I phase out*
*I begin to hum a lullaby that Laura came up with, as I sip my drink.*
"...As the shadows sleep... the angels weep... and as the devil dreams... the swarm deceives... all, throughout, the night... It all falls down... throughout the town... and we just stare, and feed. Nothing left but glares... and death throughout the lair... of, all, our friends..."

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