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Today ladies and gents, we are going to decide on who the greatest video game hero from the following list of names. There will be no major vote tally, just pick your favorite and why. If you've got a hero you really think deserves the top spot but isn't on the list or you have some close second you'd like to mention, by all means, go ahead.

These are the MALE, HUMAN heroes only. This list would become all too long if we threw in the female, and even longer if we tossed in non-humans. This is not a 'who would win in a fight', rather, victory should go to the character who has been pushed the closest to his limit, and has overcome (or not) the greatest obstacle given the resources granted.

-Jim Raynor (Starcraft)
-Commander Shephard (Mass Effect)
-Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)
-Solid Snake (Metal Gear)
-Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
-Master Chief (Halo)
-Jack (Bioshock)
-Batman (Arkham Asylum/City)
-Isaac Clarke(Dead Space) Not only fought swarms of necomorphs, but he also did while he was going through dementia and ptsd. He also did it basically single-handedly and in the end of dead space 2 destroyed the marker regardless of the safety of his own life. Isaac truly was the greatest hero since while he was doing all this, he also not only was being hunted by the most feared monster of the universe but it was also basically immortal and dead... his ex-girlfriend.

-Mario(Super Mario Bros) Not only did he fight massive genetically modified turtles, mushrooms, and plants, he also traversed the dark and deep massive sewer systems all in search for the princess. Surviving on only mushrooms, he truly was a hero fighting through eight worlds, or traversing the sewers to strategically bypass some of them, for a good cause.

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