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Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Lite and I've had sc2 since release, I played it alot the first year it came out, but my computer started to fail on me. Since then I've just been playing LoL and I think I finally have a computer that can run sc2, which is why I can't wait to play it when I get home(I am currently in the Philippines hehe). So I've missed like 5 seasons? I stopped around season 3, which I was Gold in. When I first played my Placement Matches back in season 1, I zealot rushed all my games and I won 4/5 of them, so I was placed into Platinum xD. I eventually got dropped straight to Silver then to Bronze. I just kept practicing and playing because I believe that practice can only help me. Worked my way up to Gold while my friend who started Silver was Platinum. As I tried to get to Plat, this is around the time my computer started bailing. I stopped playing and played a couple games in Season 5, in which I got dropped to Silver lmao. Now that HotS is coming I'm trying to get back into the scene, and I thought of some strategies, and I might have some questions as to viability. So...

PvZ: Open FFE(standard opening for PvZ lol) to Phoenix play(Snipe Queens, Overlords, and Overseers; this will help shut down Zerg production) Then transition into DTs because of killing off their mobile detectors, which I would mass DTs(one or two for each mineral line and like 5 for their army) then when they get detection back up or spore crawlers, morph most of them into Archons(I believe they can be so useful as all of Zerg are bio and Archons also have splash). With the Archons you can always harass and pull back fully taking use of their ability to regenerate back to full shields. and this is where I'm at so far...

PvT: Open Blink Stalker + Robo(for obs) and use that to harass blink in, run straight for the OC and try an snipe it and SCVs and Supply Depots, kite marines, then blink away. Transition into DT harass(to waste OC energy on scans) send in one or two at a time and when they become completely useless, morph them into Archons. Then you can start Collossi tech and switch to HT tech when they build lots of Vikings.

PvP: I don't really know what to do since they have the same units as we do... but you can also open blink stalker I believe into Robo for Immortal then Collossi, right? And mass collossi, slowly work up startech into Tempests? or VRs?

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