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Sigh.... lol (I am posting this on my 2nd account btw)

Ok, so heres whats happened.

I downloaded the Korean Client, to do some laddering on the KR server, just for fun.

The problem is... My account has been locked for logging in from different locations. Normally, I just go through the password reset, and everything is gravy.

However... is now stuck in Korean. I cannot read the questions it is asking, to reset my password. I was fairly certain it simply asks for e-mail + first name + last name, but it isnt working.

Even on this account, the website, once I go to the "accounts" tab, is automaticly switched to Korean.

Everything else is in English, but once I go to anything with accounts, I can no longer read anything...

I have no clue what to do for thsi one... it's really thrown me off, lol
Towelie, on the bottom right corner of the page, click on the symbol that looks like the world, or all of the continents. Then you should be able to switch back to "English (US)" on the left column, or first column.
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ty much
yay i'm back
im just wondering is this when u launch lol?

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