Replay Nights - Friday 8:00 PM EST

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02/07/2013 05:34 PMPosted by wodahS
You have room for another person and replay? How many people fit in a replay room? If so, I'll post the replay after the beta comes back online and I can find it.

More replays welcome, and plenty more room for people. I believe 16 can fit. We didn't even use half last time.
Pretty interesting back and forth game with nydus:

Mostly for entertainment, though if you have tips I would not mind them. If you want to add me wodahS#599
Today is the day! Who plans to be there?

@wodahS: Added your replay.
02/08/2013 04:32 AMPosted by TheSkunk
Today is the day! Who plans to be there?
I should be, provided i wake up in time. not sure i'll be able to talk, however, just listen.
Sounds like a good time, I'll be there.
In about an hour and 10 minutes!

In the event that I am really late (I shouldn't be) you guys can get started without me.
I'm just hoping I get a good HotS game before then. At the moment, I seem to be dying to everything since I refuse to go 1base Hellbat drops TvT and TvP.
And on that note, I will almost definitely be late, but I'm not sure by how much.
Yay I have a replay!
Ok, I'm on and we're getting started!
Another replay:
Here you guys go:

50 minute TvP, for your pleasure.
Replay night 2# over! Couple of people were a bit late, but I think everyone still had fun.

Zappy, Fencar, Nasreth, Sole, Flare, JEEPY, Kail, wodahS and others (sorry, forgot your IDs) hope you all had fun & can make it next time!

Zappy & wodahS, get yourselves working mics!

Nasreth; I don't know what was causing it but your Mic was making it almost possible to hear you at the end there! =)
Did you like the last replay I posted?

Also, this was great fun; I'm totally going to be there next week!
That last one, the 50minute TvP, was awesome.
Glad you liked it!
TvP has been increasingly my favorite match-up to watch. Personally, late game i think is rather evenly matched, and hinges greatly on the skill of the players in their ability to emp/snipe/flank with vikings as well as storm/feedback/blink under vikings. Its a great showcase of microing like crazy mid-fight. Also, no zergs :)

I'll be otherwise preoccupied next Friday, I straight-up wont be able to be there.

Something related to "Real Life" came up and things of that sort only happen seasonally for me, so as much as I like you all it will have to be rescheduled.

I'm thinking Sunday starting 7-8 PM EST.

As usual, that would be

6-7 PM Central
5-6 PM Mountain
4-5 PM Pacific

Hopefully enough people will still be able to attend this (temporary) new date.
O.o day change. Well, that at least gives me more time to get a good replay. :)

Maybe you should add in the OP that last time, we were at it for like five+ hours, rather than four.

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