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Been watching Leiya's stream in and decided to try out colossi drops vs terran and to my suprise with my diamond level micro I did pretty well (killing the marines rallied to defend, not necessarily targetting scvs) and it was stupidly difficult for the terran to deal with it. How viable are colossi drops?
Also, how can I safely harass in pvp? Been doing 4 +1 pressure with a stargate in PvZ and using phoenix to harass / improve my multitasking and now doing immortal or colossi drops in PvT but it seems like my pvps are either cheese, 4 gate or long robo macro games, none of which allow for obvious harassment angles. What should I do? Learn stargate openers in pvp?
01/26/2013 12:45 AMPosted by STEPHEN
How viable are colossi drops?

They have the ability to deal damage, yeah... but it's too much of an investment in my opinion. If you have collossi, then they will most likely have vikings, and if they snipe the warp prism with the collossus inside.. It would be a huge blow.
If your economy is strong enough to afford a collossus drop without risking too much, you might as well just warp in chargelots and dts. They are generally more efective, more easily massable, and require more attention from your opponent to deal with them.

01/26/2013 12:45 AMPosted by STEPHEN
What should I do? Learn stargate openers in pvp?

Stargate openers are really good for harassing, yeah. Other than that, you can go for immortal drops with speed warp prism if the other guy also went robo, or just normal warp prism play while trying to draw him out of position.
Blink stalkers also have a place, if you manage to sneak them into your oponent's base. Obviously, the viability of blink stalkers depends largely on the map you're playing, and they also aren't viable throughout the whole game; the later the game goes, the less damage your blink stalkers are most likely going to be able to deal.
Also, in the late game, DT's and just chargelot runbys are great for harrassing. Just try to place proxy pylons all over the place to be able to backstab him, and if he doesnt have a defense set up, you can really wreak havoc to his economy and production.
Could work if they don't have a starport. Then again, if they don't have a starport it means you have a window to simply push and kill them, which is obviously more effective than harass lol

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