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Good and evil..... light and darkness.... heaven and hell. People say its child's play but oohh it is so much more. They do exist, hell, even more terrifying then you could imagine. of course people have made incorrect references like the xel'naga and the darkness but their true names were right in front of us the whole time. that brings us to "New Haven"..... the so called paradise city on the planet with the even more ironic name "Eutopia". that's way off the mark from what it truly is. You see the Demonic plane where demons reside and the human plane where mortals reside are actually touching, very close, an invisible barrier keeping them separate. that is in a few places there are "rifts", places where the barrier is weak. "New Haven" is one of these places. a crawling cesspool ruled not by the Dominion oh no.... by demons. with the weakened rift strong ones are allowed to cross. crafty bastards too, disguising themselves as news anchors, politicians, anything that lets them have a grab for power. even worse anyone who does find out the truth is dragged into a parallel demonic dimension called "Limbo" a sort of in between of the 2 realms. A ravaged replica of "New Haven" under the complete and utter manipulation of demons. Sometimes what happens in Limbo even happens in the mortal plane. If you truly want to fight the evils in this city then come on in, its been expecting you...... Welcome to "New Haven"! Welcome to Hell! Where the ringing of Hell's Bells is heard till the end of eternity......

Class Options:

Nephilim: you are a super powered force of nature, the offspring of an angel and a devil. you wield the powers of heaven and hell in your fingertips and command them at will. even though you only know the bear basics of combat you make up for it with quick thinking with the aid of your supernatural strength, speed, and prowess in general.

you have a Demon Arm, which is a powerful supernatural weapon used to destroy the hellspawn invading the mortal plane. You can unlock devil and angel oriented forms of your current Demon Arm by defeated enemies. these oriented weapons have special abilities you can utilize

you also have a special power called a DT or Devil Trigger which increases your supernatural prowess even further unlocking your full talent for a short window of time. this causes you to unlock special abilities you can only use when you are in your DT phase. use it cautiously as after you are drained considerably

*Sc2 name*
Demon Arm(neutral oriented):
Physical Description:
Devil Trigger Power:

Angelos: after training in secret with the new organization the "Order" you are finally ready to embark on your mission. years of work allowed you to finally go through the "Ascension" you are now a Angelos ("false angel"). fused to your Mech-suit spirit and soul, this piece of Bio armor is now your second body. housed deep within its layers of admantium you are ready to combat the forces of hell. You may not have psionic potential like others but your suit makes up for it with increased strength and a wide armory of custom built weapons of destruction. you are a walking tank.

Faction: the Order. the Order is a secret organization ran by gifted psychics. their job is to combat the forces of Hell while keeping citizens unaware. they think themselves the "descendants of angels". their methods might not be "by the book" they only have one goal and that is the one set out for them. even the most valuable soldier is expendable for their cause.

[RPer name]
Class Choices:
Backstory (optional):
Features (you only need to use this if you plan to show your real face in any duration of the RP):

Alto Angelos: you fly through the air. the king of the heavens you wield a variety of one handed firearms and melee weapons
example: http://images.wikia.com/devilmaycry/images/archive/5/52/20090502194629!Alto_Angelo.jpg

Bianco Angelos: you are a ground trooper. you wield melee weapons like lances and shields but can also equip a variety of rifles and other 2 handed weapons of mass destruction
example: http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil4/images/devils/cg_whiteknight.jpg

Psionic: you are the Dominion's weapon against the demons of hell. after you graduated the ghost academy you went through special training and fitted yourself with the best gear possible. equipped with your nano-suit you have increased speed and precision. you may not have the power of the heavens or the sheer strength of other classes but with your experience ever move is precise and accurate. "one shot one kill"

(RPer Name)
Psionic Power(please nothing too OP :P)
Physical Description:

Faction Objectives:

Dominion: ok soldier(s) you are the best the we can offer for this mission. It seems that some sort of cult is building some sort of contraption. we have no idea what it is or what it is for but our intel points that this cult is linked to the void or the darkness whatever you call it, so it can't be good. we are sending you to "New Haven" where they have their secret HQ somewhere in the city. that's as far as we got for research, remember. the fate of the Dominion is in your hands

the Order: those Dominion people have no idea what the hell they've gotten themselves into. they should leave this work to the true descendants of the heavens to do this work. it seems the demons are trying to build some sort of portal called Hell's Gate to link up their world to ours. i am suspecting some preparations for and invasion.....we cannot let this happen, find where this Portal is located in "New Haven" and i want it neutralized. start with the company "Hades Inc". Intel suggests its CEO and staff are actually demons and are supporting the building of the gate from the human end.


DM: DarkRa
Vice-DM: Zarkun
Name: Dante Orcalus
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): Katana called Takeo, and twin Revolvers called Michelle and Laura
Physical Description: Red hair with blackish orange eyes, tall, around 6'7", scar on left cheek, athletic build, and is much stronger than he appears and faster, wears a blue tee shirt without sleeves, black jeans, brown combat boots, and a long red coat with white scrolling inscribed up the right side.
Backstory(optional): Dante was born in the way all Nephilim are, to a demon and an angel, the Demon his mother, the angel his father. When he was born, his parents vanished from New Haven, taking him out into the country along the beach and raising him there in all the ways of battle, making sure he was ready to fight against the tyranny of The Order, the demons, and the Dominion.
Devil Trigger Power: Can do something called a Flash Step, cutting things apart as he moves, almost impossible to see if you can't keep pace with him, and allows him to move faster than normal.. His hair becomes black when he activates it.
Name: Ventus Hassano
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): A gunblade named Beowulf. which is a double edged blade with the hilt up to a good couple inches of the blade section is an extended barrel revolver that can hold 8 rounds. when a button is pressed the section up to the barrel of the revolver split down the middle and retract to the side exposing the barrel of the gun.
Physical Description: Black Hair, red eyes, dark trench coat, red T-shirt, jeans, he has moderate build but is very strong due to him being a Nephilim
Backstory(optional): after he was born his angel mother and demon father was slain by the leader of Hades Inc. a corporation run by demons which is partially the way demons control New Haven. He has sworn vengeance against them but has never gotten the spare time from being on the run from demons 24/7
Devil Trigger Power: His hair turns white and he performs a skill called "Zero-G". he is able to neutralize gravity so that everything is floating in the air except him. he can control any inanimate object that is in the air and fling them with very strong force at his enemies and can perform special abilities like Entomb which draws all the debris to one enemy.
Could I do twin but opposite DT's or is it just one?
I suppose. I mean, we never really anticipated that, but ok.
no prob morph but only one can be active at a time and all DTs are short duration
I know and I'll have a 'cool down' of sorts beyond the "heavily drained after use" part ... I think ... maybe I should just have one would make it easier ... ehh not sure. but thanks I just wanted to ask in case I do actually end up with two.
Oh... I like the looks of this... Reminds me of Darkest Heart.

I'll definitely join this one... how soon I can get a char sheet up, I have no idea...
Cyberman: Delete
thank you Morph and Hawk for the congrats and good feedback. me and Zark have been working on this for i'd say a good 3 weeks involving 120 posts on each other's email to the point where every time i entered it i would lag a bit XD
Reading, writing, proofreading, additions...it was a lot.
uuuuuuuhhhhhhh dude...... Bianco Angelos and psionics are 2 separate classes. XD
You are aware that the PRP weapons and such don't apply to RPs, correct? Those are just for fun. In an RP, you do what you feel like, so long as it makes sense.
Image breaker you need to take a lot more time. the impression i'm getting right now is that you skimmed the intro. also you didn't even bother to create a physical description. take Zark's Char sheet. he takes a lot of time describing himself, and his backstory
In my defense, I've been her awhile and started doing them on a word document rather than right there on the spot.
Eh sorry kinda did, last time I tried putting alot of depth into a character it wasn't viewed well... but in truth I did expect myself to screw that up... sorry for the inconvenience.
I'll be C&Ping my app to a word doc for revision once my comp will cooperate.
01/27/2013 06:47 PMPosted by ImageBreaker
Eh sorry kinda did, last time I tried putting alot of depth into a character it wasn't viewed well... but in truth I did expect myself to screw that up... sorry for the inconvenience.

Don't apologize. You're new here and will figure things out. Just read things, make adjustments, and we'll review it again.
ImageBreaker tiny bit of advice: Read the full intro, select the type of character you want and then C&P the char sheet for that type of char into a Word Doc. Flesh out your character and then Reapply.

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