Hell's Bells (Pre-RP sign up)

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[Censored] isn't that bad if you don't have a good imagination...

I know...
ok Koro thanks to you *barfs* this thread is so gonna get banned. next time you know something like this please keep it to yourself
No it won't Darkra.
i hope so cause last time i checked Mark's thread for FP got banned cause of this wild argument they had with someone. i suggest we delete everything involving this rule 34
Just for safety procautions I still edited it... Still if you want to see a persons childhood burn, follow those instructions.
The proper thing to do when someone says something like that, (what Koro said) is to look it up on wikipedia, because then it can't be too bad.
Or in this case Urban Dictionary
Korozain... NO.

Stop tempting me to post something bannable.

Tomorrow better hurry up and get here, before something bad happens...
Will you two drop it? Or I'll have CR do a black screen.
A what?
A black screen? aka. [CENSORED]

There's your answer.
"So basically my Angelos is the exact same socially as I am. The only male in a group filled with females. I wonder if I should make his personality like mine..."
Make him a pi.mp.
Why do I have a bad feeling about this?...

Really Zarkun?
I jest.
I kinda figured, but even so...

Me thinks the title of this RP has something to do with all this chaos...
I think I'll add a male Angelos so SF won't be so lonely.

Seriously though, I'll think one up real fast.

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