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"Dacder, do you really think I care? The majority of the people I consider friends are female. Also, doesn't mean there aren't also NPC Angeli, or whatever the plural is."
Name: Andrick Fontun
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Weapons: MX-36 Experimental Rockets, LL-2 Automatic assault rifle, V-class claymore sword, G101 Sticky Grenades
Class Choices: Alto Angeles
Backstory: [Access Denied]
Features: [Access Denied]
I got scared when I saw this at 12, thought everything had started already... so do you guys say who's in who's not? Also this things starts tommorow at what time? (Going off that the beginning is still tommorow in any case)
You'll see it when you get on Image. You're accepted by the way.
So my Dominion char or my neph? Darkra said he'd like the neh's reduced so I made 2... I'm an idiot XD
Your Dominion.
Hmm... I'll just reuse my character from StarCore, since it died off so quickly.

Name: Cassandra Emberlight
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Faction: With the Dominion, but not actually loyal to them.
Weapons: Scoped Plasma Pistol, Small Dagger. A ship in high orbit, though it probably won't be used much except in an emergency.
Other Equipment: Rechargeable Energy Cells (6), Encrypted Transmitter, Psi Screen, Homing Beacon.
Psionic Capabilities: 1.5
Backstory: Pilot of the U.E.D.S.N. Windseeker, a prototype for a stealth missile frigate that was discontinued due to excessive production costs. Expert pilot and computer hacker. Stuck in the Koprulu Sector after surviving the Zerg attack on the UED expeditionary fleet; now wanders around the sector working with various factions, typically without anyone in authority knowing who she is, and leaving before anyone notices that she wasn't supposed to be there. No actual allegiance except with the rest of the Windseeker's crew. Hacked into Dominion files to get assigned to this mission out of curiosity, but would not have been here otherwise. Flew the Windseeker into high orbit above New Haven (the Dominion are unaware of its presence), and then announced herself to the Dominion as part of their team of psionics (supported by the list of people assigned here from the Dominion database). Dislikes the Dominion, but working with them for the time being.
Physical Description: Shoulder length straight brown/blonde hair, slightly tall for her age. Has piercing green-grey eyes. Wears a long, light grey coat.
01/29/2013 07:42 PMPosted by Zarkun
Or I'll have CR do a black screen.
Did that so many times...
wow 2 more people nice. just umm I'M FREE!!! NO MORE EXAMS!!! FREEDUMB!!! ok i'm done. Zark mind if you copy paste all those chars on a sheet and send em to my mail?
i didn't get anything :/
How about now?
got it ty
Not a problem.
What is New Haven going to be like? I've read the intro on page 1, but it doesn't really give me a good idea of what the city's going to be like. I'd like to know as it's where my character grew up and will assumably start off once the RP starts.
Well....Think Coruscant, but with demonic corruption versus regular. An no flying cars, so more roads.
And I'm assuming everything's kinda worn down and beat up?
It's supposedly perfect, so no.
Huh... That'll be interesting...

How much of the population knows about the demons?
Only the Nephilim, members of The Order, and the Dominion operatives, so very few. The rest are like lambs to the slaughter.

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