So I just got a beta key

Protoss Discussion
Anyone wanna get me up to speed on how each matchup has changed? Unit compositions and openers are the important points for me. :D
i'm still not great at HotS, but in general...

PvZ; people actually use hydra now... and to quote day[9], just because they can get somewhere faster just means they can go die faster. swarmhosts will roll you if you're unprepared; never skip a robo/oracle. Going skytoss is so much stronger, practically required if the enemy manages to mass up a ton of swarm hosts.
So far haven't had any problems vs viper due to going air, but fungles still hurt.

PvP; i'm not sure about this match up. It was already so volatile, now there's just even more openings possible. You can be greedy or super agressive with the new MSC. New voids do even better, and tempests can snipe massive, so I haven't had a single end game war of the worlds as of the moment. Just... i dont know, do what you always do but throw in an extra 100/100 for msc?

PvT; Hellbats currently can be a real pain due to the healing from medivacs, seen mmm+hellbad to wonders to all my ground army. Widow mines will really screw you up if you dont get detection fast enough, although they aren't too hard to deal with (1 stalker can shut down if used correctly). drops are even more of a !@#$%.
PvT is actually quite in favor of Terran right now, because Protoss gets basically no late-game benefit of any of their units if Terran runs standard bio into Hellbat switches in the late-game instead of Marines. Zealots are worthless, meaning the margin for error in big battles is basically nothing. Midgame is at least a little better because the Mothership Core helps out so much.

PvP kind of rotates around Stargate stuff. Opening Phoenix into Immortal is really strong, and if you have all of the correct transitions, this will be the norm in PvP. Still, there are some pretty strong Stalker openers with MSC on 1 base that throws a wrench in the gear of PvP meta. It's hard to predict right now. Hero's Phoenix opener is still pretty strong in Beta.. that's essentially what I do.

PvZ is a lot different in the sense that Stargate transitions are a lot more accessible, and Storm is much more of a mainstay. Basically, the way I played PvZ in WoL is kind of the standard in HoTS right now.
Im hoping to try mothership core cheeses against zerg :3 and tempest rushes too

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