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Remember all the videos that use to tell you that you could mine rich mineral fields with nydus worms with little to no risk? Well, I tried it and my workers end up just wanting to go back to the hatchery instead of the nydus work.

I've got the nydus canal rallied to the hatch, the exit worm to the gold mineral patches, and 16 drones in the canal, am I doing something wrong?
your drones auto return to a hatchery when they finish mining. If you want them to return to the nydus, you will need to que a command for them to return, once they have returned you'll need to unload the nydus, and then que them back into the nydus.

It's a lot of work for a few extra minerals.
300minerals/300gas to mine gold inefficiently.
01/26/2013 09:45 PMPosted by Chino
with little to no risk

most people assume gas is 2x as valuable as minerals (at least), so your 100/100 investment for a single Nydus is equal investment to a Hatchery, and 3 of them is enough for a Hatch + 3 Spores + 3 Spines. In other words... It's extremely inefficient. Just make the Hatch/Crawlers
right click destination shift right click back to the nydus.

put all the nydus exits on one hotkey and spam unload.

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