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Some Gold in HOTS tvz beat me with damn swarm hosts... Nearly pure swarm hosts...

I dropped CC first and e-bay blocked his nat. I was mining from my nat before he finished his... I went hellion banshee and denied his third twice. Once he secured his third, I took my FIFTH. I was maxed on hellbat/thor/tank/raven and was horrified to see that mass transfuse queens are immune to banshees, and being able to see swarm hosts doesnt help... Their second volley comes out before the first one dies, leaving me with the "what the hell" face. I decimated his roach army to see that he was simply replacing them with ONLY swarm hosts...

I pushed into his base with my maxed 3-3 mech army to see that he had over 20 swarm hosts burrowed at his nat, and seeing them doesn't mean crap when that means 40+ little !@#$s chase me away for free. Being unable to brute force him with a maxed 3-3 mech army, he swarm host dropped my main... I can't kill them.

Swarm hosts... swarm hosts... swarm hosts... I... outplayed him so hard... swarm hosts...
why woudn't you use seeker missiles on them? No way they would be able to dodge them. Or if you have 5 bases tech switch into air
I've never played Beta so I might be completely wrong...

But I can understand people with no previous knowledge (meaning, just any HOTS beta players) could have hard time countering a new unit.

Based on your post, I feel like Ravens could have helped a lot in you situation. I'm not sure how many you actually had but dropping down couple of PDD's and focus firing Swarm Hosts with banshees would have worked IMO.
Use Ravens.

No seriously, if he's making Swarm Hosts make Ravens. PDD works against the Locusts and Seeker Missile is gold vs the Swarm Hosts themselves, it's very difficult for them to dodge it.

Also. exactly what mech composition were you using? If you're trying to do that mass thor crap that a lot of Terrans think qualifies as real mech then you deserve what happened to you. Be a man and use Siege Tanks and focus fire the Swarm Hosts once you get in range. Once Siege Tanks hit +3 attack they counter Locusts easily enough.
I found hellbats to be really BAD against swarm hosts, I was unpleasantly surprised by that. Hellions, on the other hand, held up pretty well with their 5 range and fast speed. But I agree that raven PDD is amazing, it saved the day for me on several occassions.
Hellbats are only good against slings and zealots. They are still considered light.

01/28/2013 01:54 PMPosted by Vindicare
If you're trying to do that mass thor crap that a lot of Terrans think qualifies as real mech then you deserve what happened to you

Completely true since good meching players will all note that top korean pros do not make anymore than 3 thors and always go tank heavy.

Other than that, use bio. Letting him even get 40 swarm hosts is like letting zerg get a huge flock of BL. It means you were too passive and didnt pressure him hard enough.
01/28/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Dhark
I... outplayed him so hard...

Sure you did.
ur maxed 3/3 mech army got crashed by 20 swarm hosts? How could this be possible?
Banshees. And I am not talking the 1-3 of them.
If you go mech(when zerg is most likly to try swarm hosts) Back them up with 8-9 banshees. Pretty dang effective.

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