An unexpected fatal error has occured HELP

Technical Support
3916211E-C419-48C6-80A0-336D31839379 this is the report id idk what is wrong it just startes crashing now after i overclock but i dont think this error will occur even if i overclocked to
Like this?

I get this error almost immediately after the screen tries to launch SC2 after hitting the Play button from the launcher.

Just started sometime today, didn't have this issue yesterday. Repair tool didn't fix it and don't particularly want to go through a reinstall just yet.
Having the exact same problem. Played 4 games yesterday without a hitch and today client won't start.
Yup just like the photo really sad now it crashes :(
Sometimes I can play like 30 mins of the game then crash sometimes it just crashes when I sign into the main menu :(

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