i cant seem to make it past the early game

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if I run a 3 gate robo vs a terran or zerg the zerg either sends a couple zerglings with roaches quickly or the terrans send a couple of marines and maraurders which ALWAYS ! destroy my army ! I don't know what to do anymore , also anytime I do win any games it always seems to be by cheese or a fast attack , im not comfortable going into mid and late game because I always feel like im going to lose it, I watch videos of players going into high Templar with storms or archons but I never actually made them before. should I go 3 gate robo and than Templar with storm & archons ? but should I also pressure ? because if I wait to make this huge army they will attack and there army will destroy mine while were both marcoing -____- tips anyone ?
In PvT when does your 3 gate robo hit? My all in consists of 2 immortals, 3 sentries, 3 stalkers, and 3 zealots, it hits at 7:15 and the robo is proxied.

Also vs Zerg learn fast forge expand

Let me put it this way. If I did a 3-gate robo versus a silver player (any) I would win. I know the mechanics well enough to do this build decently. Not great but decent.
Do you think your problem is with strategy and builds, or the way you handle your macro?

Turn your in-game timer on. On one base you should be making a large attack by 7 minutes. On 2 bases the attack should hit around 11 minutes. Attack with whatever you have at 7 minutes, even if it's small. Lose the game, try again for the same timing. Work out the most units you could have at 7 minutes. This will automatically force you to improve your mechanics and build order.

You say you go 3-gate robo but the damn thing could be finishing at 20 minutes for all we know. Do you see how impossible it is for us to answer you?
Post a replay. You want tips, but you could be needing help elsewhere.

Within 45 seconds of starting, you can use Chronoboost, and you must use this advantage. Otherwise, you will start too slow. Use to get out more units faster. Warping in new buildings is the Achilles Heel Protoss: There is no speeding that up, so get started on it before you need it. Have all of your Nexi on the same HotKey, so your <C>hronoboost will be on the same energy pool.

Get familiar with your map. Find the Chokes, because that is where Protoss fights best. On some maps, the Natural Expansion is undefendable. You may need a "Ninja Expansion." You can scout by grabbing a Probe, holding down the <shift> key, and <right-click>'ing several locations on the minimap. Once you find the opponent's Main, find their Natural and 3rd. See if they are Walling in, grabbing early or no gas, Fast Expanding, or going for an early rush. Visit the Xel'Naga Towers. Return to the Main to see if they are dropping new buildings.

Vs Zerg, start with a gasless FFE: get a partial Wall up, plug the gap in that wall with a Zealot, get your Fast Expand, then add a Sentry and a Cannon to the Wall. (Because the Zerg may go for an early rush or Hatch-First.) The Forge finishes 20 seconds before the Gateway but delays your Cybernetics Core and Warpgate research. Get Stalkers to scare the Overlords off your base before that scout can see too many of your buildings. Get the +1 Weapons Upgrade. Hide some buildings at the edge of your map. Force Fields are great against Zerg because of their short attack ranges, and they are fantastic with the range 9 of Colossi. Place Force Fields next to buildings (like Hatcheries) to add to the length of the Force Fields.

Vs Terran and Protoss, set your 1st Pylon and Gateway right next to your Nexus, so your Probes can return quickly to mining. After your Cybernetics Core and 1st Assimilator are started, get to scouting and harrassing. Saturate your first base with Probes. Get Probes started on the next base ("Maynarding") before that Nexus comes into play. You will need 4 Assimilators to do Stargate play. Feedback is great against Terran because they have so many spellcasters.

Do not wait for your build-order (4gateRobo) to finish before you put the pressure on. Do not get Upgrades until after you have a dozen actual fighting units. (More units is better than a few Upgraded units. You need Upgraded units in Chokes: fully Upgraded Chargealots can rip through Bunkers.) Do not wait until you are at max 200 Supply and your opponent has 6 bases, to actually attack. Attack first, to prevent your opponent from making higher-Tech units. Always have AofE attacks. Warpgate research is great, but if you have no Proxy Pylons, then it is only a defensive ability...

I hope this helps, but then if you do not share a replay, I am just shooting in the dark.

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