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Alright, I want to show you guys a build I've been working on lately. I'll go over the build order and post a replay. It's an all-in, but an extremely deadly one. In the replay he responded exactly how he should have. He lost anyway.

I didn't even execute it properly and I massacred.

10 depot
12 gas
13 rax
factory /reactor ASAP
orbital command
flip flop, start hellions
factory number 2
pull SCVs from gas @50 (I messed that up in the replay)
another reactor
flip flop, more hellions
rally in

It's honestly just 2 factories worth of reactor hellions attacking. It's that simple. It doesn't have to be allin, but 2 reactors worth of hellions is a lot of minerals and it's hard to fit in a CC at a reasonable time, so I just cut workers and finish him.

He harassed my worker a bit and my stuff was a little late. He sees reactor hellions, goes for 2 queens and an evo chamber wall off while getting roaches.
I harass the queen for a bit, break the wall, and charge in. I kill 90% of his workers the moment I break through.
He gets a few roaches and a spine and completes the wall off. I engage the roaches and kill them, followed by breaking down an evo chamber and finishing the game.

I haven't tried it very much against protoss, but it's very strong there as well if you catch them off guard. Hellions absolutely shred zealots and sentries.

I don't usually all-in, but I was messing around in team games and ended up making this build, and then realized it would be really strong in 1v1s too. So try it out, I want some more reviews on it.

I've been messing around with it on beta too, leaving 1 SCV on gas so I can throw a few widow mines in there. Use the hellions to cover for the mines planting themselves in the mineral line, and using the hellions to bait roaches and such onto the mines.

I'm growing increasingly convinced it's borderline overpowered.
I have watched some games in HotS and jeez, hellbats, good unit.

Isn't this similar to a blue flame TvZ? Or am I thinking of something else?
I don't know. I've never seen anyone go anything like this; Perhaps I just missed those games.

Basically, all I know is that I found a build that feels horrendously overpowered and I felt like sharing.
I don't know. I've never seen anyone go anything like this; Perhaps I just missed those games.

Basically, all I know is that I found a build that feels horrendously overpowered and I felt like sharing.

lol after looking at it a second does seem to be something different.

The one I am thinking of is where you get blue flame and then double pump hellions is all, so your build trades more hellions for no blue flame and probably catches people off guard THINKING its the blue flame one.

The other day I somehow misclicked and only got one gyser, so I HAD to double factory hellion, and it did work (granted, it was in plat) but from feeling how bumpy it was, yours looks a lot neater; I will check out the replay though for sure :D

Just the fact you said "flip flop" makes me want to watch the replay xD
how many hellions are you first pushing with. do you poke with like 2 or 4 then pull back and push with like 12 or do you just build up a bunch and hit a timing (what would the timing be)? also do you pull scvs or no.

im trying this in my next tvz might as well
I start poking with 2, and there's no need for SCVs. I guess you could bring some to repair, but it's not needed. And constantly, constantly poke.

Keep in mind I just made this build, it's still in need of refinement. If you can find a better way to do it, go for it! If you can break down the wall with just 4, it will be a good idea to do so and flood the rest through.
i just got rolled trying it my execution was probably off, i think i hit too late i hit at like 7:30 with like 12-14 hellions and he had mass roach but i think i just ran into bad luck as after wtaching the replay he was 2 base roach all inning all the way. he didnt even scout!!!!!!

def gonna try again in my next tvz and hit a little sooner and poke with 2 or 4 i just waited until like 12-14 and a moved in..... still was actually fairly close he just had a few too many roaches.

i must have messed up the timing because i started floating minerals at like 6 minutes even with 4 buidling at once i had enough minerals to drop a cc at like 6
I haven't run into a blind roach all in yet. I've run into people getting roaches, but not an all in like that. Did he wall or anything? Because losing 20 workers puts a rather nice dent in roach production.
haha i like it!

ill be sure to a link to this build on my nearby mech thread.

I think a 7rr might be an issue, or another counter might possibly be if he goes for the StartaleLife build. Which is drone to 30, then a massive amount of speedlings.
so im 2 and 1 with this so far totally destroyed the standard non roach rush.

I dont know how or why but i am still floating minerals. i think what is causing it is the delay between my factory finishing and the reactors finishing as i am building the first factory when i insta have 100 gas. because of the delay i have been building one hellion then flip flopping, should i just wait like the ~15-20 seconds and flip flop and just go straight to double hellions?
I go straight into double hellion production. It costs a lot of supply, so I dump extra minerals into supply depots early so I don't get blocked. I usually have to wait a little bit in between the factory finishing and the reactor, but it's not long-I use this time to get my factory in position to take it.
lol wanna know the funny thing about this build? you dont make a single unit aside from hellions and scvs. I swear this is the first viable build without a single marine being made
im so excited to try this out tomorrow!
so i found out this dies to a 7rr btw. Im sure its possible to stop, just hard to do so.
Ive been having some success now with this I've refined the timing beat someone badly earlier and he messages me after saying holy hell wtf was that was not expecting so many hellions! Ive been building 2-3 marines right away from my rax to deny overlord scout and I build the factories In where I deem an overlord will be least likely to go. It hasn't slowed down my factory or hellion production at all. The only times I've lost we're to the blind roach all in and when it's been scouted twice and they just built roaches.
roach before boost will kill you every time
01/30/2013 08:22 PMPosted by ssSSSsssenza
roach before boost will kill you every time

indeed. I mean it is an all in, lets be honest. I wouldnt practice this as your go to build, but more to throw it in every once in a while.

Its nice to have an all in against zerg aside from 11/11
01/30/2013 08:28 PMPosted by John
roach before boost will kill you every time

indeed. I mean it is an all in, lets be honest. I wouldnt practice this as your go to build, but more to throw it in every once in a while.

Its nice to have an all in against zerg aside from 11/11

this i wouldnt use it as my standard but its a great buld to mix in randomly and can pick up a cheap win unless they go fast roach. also its fun and its fast and its a good build if your on a losing streak or tilting as it works pretty well and if it doesnt its like oh well i tried mass hellion.

allmira have you tried this vs toss at all? ive havent had nay reason to really as the toss players in gold are awful vs terran (by far my easiest matchup) but id imagine at your level its a whole different ball game
I messed around with it vs protoss, but it was a bit too easy for them to counter. They chrono out 2 stalkers and wall the ramp with them, and it buys them enough time to get warp gate done, stopping the rush dead. If they skip the stalkers you can do a looooooooot of damage, but protoss rarely do.
I tried this idiotic build. (I am diamond). It was absurd. He had 6 lings marauding around my natural when the first hellions popped out. So I killed all of those easily. By the time my first 4 hellions got to his natural (Newkirk District). He had:

3 spines
2 evo chambers
3 queens
about 10 zerglings

all parked at the top of his ramp at his natural except for one of the spines which was guarding his natural. The hellions did ZERO other than kill off some of the lings. Every time the hellions went up the ramp he had MORE lings and I lost 1 or 2 hellions. There was a ZERO percent chance of getting into his base.

When the guy has 2 spines and 3 queens at the top of his ramp it doesn't matter how many hellions you have.

The game went like this: he went 14 hatch + 6 lings. At 6:42 my first two hellions popped out, killed his 6 lings and the second factory was completed so I had 4 hellions making. The zerg at this point had: 2 hatches, 4 queens, 2 spine crawlers 3rd on the way, and 25 drones to 21 SCVs. By the time the 6 hellions got to his base they had been seen by lings and overlords and he had the evo chambers, queens and spines all ready to go.

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