Team Face Rollers, UNITE!

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Oh Anesthetic you crazy dude. There's a reason we all love you. Now get out of our SOOPAR SEKRIT STRTGY PLACE PLZ.

Can't wait to see who I face first!
I don't get home from work until late today (around 10 oclock EST or so), but I'll have my schedule for next week then. At that point I would like to set up a clinic of sorts so thatI (and maybe our other masters players if they are interested) can help out some of our lower league players for a few hours.

The layout will be something along the lines of having players matching against others of similar skill on the team while I observe and give advice after the game. If we could get 2 masters players then we could set it up so that we were each in skype with 1 of the players, giving hints and guidance throughout the game :)

Hell sounds, this sounds awesome. I will be in the chat channel anytime im on
huh? I want to be on team derp.....
01/26/2013 06:59 AMPosted by Anesthetic
Anesthetic Reporting in, whats our secret weapon/strategy to defeat the other teams?

Isn't it obvious?

I will probably be available on Friday afternoon.
01/26/2013 11:07 AMPosted by ProdofVoid
huh? I want to be on team derp.....

Every masters player is a zerg.

Inb4 undefeated.

S'okay, MtL, we'll take them down with our primarily Terran team!

Terran up the night.
Team Alpha OP
Guys, I will be on later today to get some real practice in. Please ADD ME IN-GAME (234).

I will be in the chat channel, lets do some work and roll some faces.
Will trading be allowed at the end of each season? Just curious
I'll be on later today as well.
There should be trading imo.
Practicing today, please join me
01/27/2013 09:04 PMPosted by SymphOny
There should be trading imo.

LOL nope.jpeg
01/28/2013 08:47 AMPosted by dirtypeasant
Practicing today, please join me

And me. :)
I will be online soon!

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