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Hey all! So i just got the beta and got stomped on my first two placement matches. I was wondering what kind of strategies are popular in each match up right now?

I'm a Gold level player and until recently I was consistently getting win streaks of between 7 and 10 by opening up with a quick thor (around 6:45) and following up with mass thor and helions in all match ups.

I tried that in beta and got destroyed. It's not very viable in TvT anymore since you don't have to research siege for your tanks. The protoss I played massed up a new air unit (tempest?) and handily took out my thors.

So, I'm looking for new strats in HoTS. Any advice would be super special awesome.
hellion/tank/thor/widow mine. nuff said
Thanks for responding.

Is this what you do in all matchups?
Most of the time, yes. In TvZ i open up with 4 hellion harrass into hellion/tank/thor/widow mine with some banshees. In TvT I usually do the same but with more tanks than anything else. If you put the widow mines near the tanks, the marines cant stim and kill the tanks. In TvP, I usually just do the standard marine maurader medivac ghost (to emp the archons and HT) and sometimes a couple widow mines and tanks.
apparently hell bats are awesome and mass reapers work
01/28/2013 07:16 PMPosted by yawning
apparently hell bats are awesome

They are.

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