Problems with a new vid card

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Ok so i brought this new vid card thinking it would make the game better sadly all that happen was a huge mess installing the drivers plzzzz someone help me it keeps saying that the ATI drivers are not installed or incompatibal I got no clue I am not very big on tech stuff.
Umm, more information like your video card model and where you got the drivers from. O/S would help as well my guess is you installed the entirely wrong drivers for your device or O/S.
use that to remove all of the drivers from your old video card....
go there, upper right, to download the correct drivers fro you video card.

good luck.
@Trentelshark Its an ATI Radeon 4580 1gb 128bit. The disk that came with the card said that it comes with nesscary drivers or i could go to the web site automaticly and get the newest drivers, so im not sure whats the issue with them???
@Soap Thanks ima try them sites after i get outta work today hope its a fix
Always a good idea to update to the latest drivers particularly when you're playing a newer title. Hopefully they resolve your issue for you :).

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