Any way I coulda ended this match sooner?

Terran Discussion 45 minute TvP vs a masters toss.... I won the match, but it was a super long turtle game :/ I wasnt sure how I was supposed to be able to attack this guy he turtled sooo hard. You dont have to watch the whole thing, just any tips on how I coulda pressured him I couldnt see anywhere I could have attacked and ended this match sooner
Hey checked out the replay and there are a couple of things that I noticed that would tighten up your build a bit.

You scv scout too early to really even see anything. You should scout after your rax finishes (mainly to check for double gas openings) and hide the scv on his side of the map for a bit. Around 5-6 mins or when you know his stalker has left his base send the scv back to scout again. Sometimes you can get a full scout of his base as well as checking the expo.

After your next two rax you only took a single gas. Not going double gas really delays your factory and then your 2 medivac timing. This gives toss too much time to prepare for the pressure. It usually hits the toss' base at 1030-11 minutes, you arrived at 1230, which is too late to do much.

Also the 5 bunkers were overkill since you didn't scout anything that looked like an all-in.

When a toss opens heavy colossus you will need to chill for a bit (which you did), but once you get a decent viking count you should pressure his third. There is a little chasm by the third which is the perfect place for vikings, and if you kill the colossi you just win. This is a scary time for toss before he gets storm up which you should pressure.

As for the rest of the game you played it out exactly as you should have. There wasn't anything else you could have done to make it go faster. When you leave the toss alone for so long you are pretty much forced into a turtlefest game.

You should perfect the 1 rax fe medivac timing and you will have a lot more easier wins.

Also the 5 bunkers were overkill since you didn't scout anything that looked like an all-in.

Yeah... I scanned his natural at one point and thought he was moving out for a all in and thought he hid some gateways or something, probably a major overreaction :p

thanks for the advice though :)
From diamond ladder experience:

2 gas = early pressure

scout after rax finishes (check gas) and then chill at 3rd until 5:20. Then re-send in SCV to check main again for either 3 gate, robo, or something stupid.

On macro maps like daybreak, Ohana and Entomb Valley, 2 gas typically means immortal sentry or gateway pressure.

2 gas on antiga, akilon flats, Cloud Kingdom is almost always blink stalker.

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