I did it! i defended a toss all-in

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I successfully scouted, prepared and defended a protoss allin. although i had assumed it was a 4gate (turned out it was an immortal sentry allin) but i defended it!
after thinking about it, i should have sacked an overlord around 5 minutes to see exactly what he was doing, if he went air i woulda have been in a bit of trouble.

how do you think i handled the situation? could i have done anything better?
Can't watch the replay right now, but great job either way! Yes to scouting too! Seriously, do not underestimate the power of scouting haha! I recently loss to a toss due to not scouting enough. Scouted FFE and thought he was going for stalker/zealot so went with stephanos roach max (my timings weren't the best), needless to say, I didn't scout him enough to see he had 5+ collosi building. My attack was crushed :/ my fault but hey - the only way to get better is to practice. Win some, you lose some hah. Again good job and keep at it bro.
im just amazed at how many easy wins ive had because i scouted him and reacted properly. makes it feel so much better when i take a win. now if i could just rage less when i lose :)
Glad to hear things are starting to click for you fellow Hyperion crewmember :)
stephano roach max doesnt work anymore...go with stephano ling/infestor/corruptor...
Don't know your league but stephano roach still work fine in gold. I mix it with a 10 pool agression and recently i always win againt prot.

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