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I have a habit of allowing my min/gas to pile up. Even though I'm teching up and upgrading my units, I feel I shouldn't be getting money up this high and that its going to waste.

Here is a replay showing what I mean: http://drop.sc/300579

Do you guys have some sort of money dump you go with? Or do you throw your armies away constantly and just remax? Or mass expand?

Thanks for any feedback.
If you are getting queens for each base and are constantly using them, you shouldn't have unspent resources.

You should be constantly making units to counter your opponent. I'd recommend using the camera save positions, or the backspace key to continuously look at your queens.

Thanks, i'll look into it :)
Macro Hatches, ups, alternate tech paths (for a quick tech swap remax), etc. If you're at 200/200 and banking money, go hit him. You'll have the money and infastructurre for a remax, so why give him time to bring the fight to you?

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