You gain a Terran superpower: Choose one

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Congratulations! A higher being has granted you the choice to one terran superpower. No one will ever notice your power, even if they scrutinize your play. Please choose one and discuss your choice!

1. SCV's mine 5% faster

2. Gain an observer unit equal to protoss, except it is undetectable and indestructible, although it does not allow the targeting of invisible/burrowed creatures.

3. Gain a 20 supply increase to your max (max at 220)

4. After gathering 200 gas, you receive all first level, unit engineering bay and armory upgrades for free (buildings still required and normal research time)

5. Receive 3 free SCV's at 6:30, all appearing right next to your mineral line in your main

6. You receive a new 'split' command for your marines only, they will split into groups of two
just far enough away from each other to avoid the baneling splash damage radius.
6 or 4 imo
1 or 6
1 or 6, yeah.
1 because it would be significantly overpowered.
number 4 and just be a 1 basing timing attack player
I would choose #2. You will never have to send the scouting probe (better economy) out and you will always know what your opponent is doing.

3 is somewhat weak because Terran's often don't max I think, this would be much stronger for a protoss or zerg army.
Definitely 1. That basically means a saturated base mines 220% faster.
1 or 4 plox
6 I suck at splitting, and to the guy that said a saturated base would mine 220% faster , no it would mine 5% faster. Each scv would bring back the equivalent of 5.25 minerals per trip instead of 5.
Trying to decide between 4 or 5. I play mech, so......4 I guess.
1 4 and 6

Question, do scvs mine 5% more gas as well or no?
7. i know exactly when to build bunkers and exactly how many to build
Hmmm... I'm normally not a Terran player outside of team games, but I'd have to say 1. This could make up for sacrificing a MULE here and there for a scan, making an observer not quite as needed. I'll probably be attacking before I reach max supply, so an extra 20 supply isn't that necessary. The upgrades aren't going to come all that much faster due to research time, and the cost will not be quite so "costly" as I'll be mining more anyway. If I was gonna all-in every game, I'd probably want the extra 3 SCVs, but as time goes on I'll get more with the 5% mining advantage. Easy Marine splitting would be very nice, but it would be somewhat situational and the Marines might not split in the directions I want them to.

I think I'll do this in the Protoss forums some time! ^_^
The sad thing is even if I had all of these I'd still lose to top korean pros.
The sad thing is even if I had all of these I'd still lose to any korean gold+.

\fixed for me =]

only baddies choose 6
I'll go with 1, so that I don't have to make 'new' build orders while still having an advantage.
I'd choose 1 for sure.

My 6 rax marine scv all in will now come 10 seconds earlier. :D
number 1. More mineralz ALL THE MINzERALZ

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