How do i re-learn this game/race?

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I was plat almost into diamond when i first stopped playing this game, but then quit for a year or so. I started to re-ladder a few months ago and got placed back into plat, and stopped playing again. Now i'm trying to start playing again but just can't seem to win or do anything right. I won 1 game in about 7/8 ladder games. How should I regain all that lost knowledge and what has drastically changed in the meta that i should know about?
i feel like getting back in is muscle memory if anything... probably just going to need a bunch of practice. gl getting back in!
start by watching some streams, ask and learn the current meta and how the game actually works, you should still have mechanics from a year ago, just have to relearn some stuff
This actually might be a good opportunity to rebuild the way you play to be something more efficient. If you plan on coming back and playing often, you could try one of JaKaTaK's systems (the stairway or the core) to improve your mechanics and hotkey structure. At the very least it would show you the areas you need to work on.

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