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It is just so difficult for me to scout P & T... how do i know if they are building air units? and even if i got plenty of plenty of corruptors and infestors. they can't beat a lot of cruisers or carriers.. is it because i don't harass in the early/mid game..? always lose with much more resourses ... feel so frustrated. do you have any ideas.?

You're probably not getting enough bases fast enough. Follow FilterSC build here:

You should be able to do this 2 base play, and if you hit the benchmarks you'll catapult into gold to platinum.
Great video. Thanks! I usually have around 5 bases though ... still lost a lot of games.
Are you mining all 5 of the bases simultaneously? You may be over-extending your resource gathering and tying up too much supply into it. Also, you absolutely should be harassing. If you just let them build up, they'll crush you with your smaller supply army.

Try engaging closer to the Toss base as well. That way, your first army can whittle them down and you can remax to kill off the rest.

Cruisers and Carriers are slow as well. try engaging in multiple places to divide his troops/attention.
01/29/2013 01:14 AMPosted by pengfei
Great video. Thanks! I usually have around 5 bases though ... still lost a lot of games.

Using a 3 base play against a FFE allows you to get a macro hatch at 9 minutes if you're playing close to optimal. My guess is you get 5 bases too soon, or you're being lax with your injects and are floating extra income that you're putting into bases that should be units or drones. Base 4 and 5 you can usually safely build it around the 12-15 minute mark in both ZvT and ZvP.
build 10 infestors...laugh at mass air.
Building more attacks into your play can force your opponent to be honest and kill him outright if he's cutting corners to mass up air.

Against Terran I do a timing attack around 10:30 with 1/1 roach/hydra (Stephano's style) that is no less viable in HotS. Hydras outrange mines and it's easy to make an overseer to spot them.

Against Protoss I've started doing a swarm host push that is catching most of them completely off guard. You use an overlord and your 3rd queen (who leaves your base after dropping 1 tumor) to set up a forward position with 2 spores and a spine to support them against air. This is weak to certain timings from the Protoss and is kind of gimmicky though... I still like it anyway.

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