Buying new laptop for starcraft 2 600$ budget

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Okay the one i am looking at is an HP Pavilion G7Z-2200. It will be running an AMD A-8 4400 series quad core processor and an AMD Radeon 7670 Graphics card with 1gb dedicated memory. The laptop comes with 4gb ram and runs at $579. Will this be enough to play?
That will run it, but not very good. I suggest taking a look at this instead.
Thank you for the reply.
That does look like one amazing laptop, but i can't go over $600.
I found a used G73jh for 740 but there is no way i could swing it.
Would this be a better or worse laptop that the G7?
Go for it. I also just got a $600 budget laptop. It has the 7670m with the i5-3210m. Don't worry, go for the A8, because I get GPU bottleneck with my i5 anyway. There will be little to no performance loss since the 7670 is low-mid level and slightly holding back these processors.

If you needed to know, I run ultra in 1v1 starting at 30 fps. It lags later of course, but i'd recommend medium settings (with ultra textures) to get smooth performance all around with some nice graphics.

Also: switchable graphics is A PAIN. Not sure about crossfire since I went with intel.
Alright, Thanks for the input Dhark
Hey im in the same boat as you! im looking for a laptop for 600, Howd that HP pavilion work? Im, thinking about that one.

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