Gpg to release a new rpg/rts game needs help

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Basically they got a game on kickstarter called Wildman that is going to be a action RPG set in prehistoric times but the twist to it is it going to blend rpg elements into it so you involve over time in technhology in character as well as your tribe 'base', pvp going have two aspects RPG aspect and RTS aspect. But that not all they are releasing a new mod that is insane with it that should be promoted by itself it makes your desktop infinite and also links everyting together across the network the tool would be amazing for production companys but they plan to release it with wildman, the tool is called project mercury if want check it out and support the game in kickstarter heres the link. Spread the word gpg is a good independent company one of the last supporting them would be good and Chris Taylor is a sincere kind hearted man.

blizzard if you could give them a shout out that be good, his company's in trouble due to what happened with microsoft screwing them over. As you know publishers are ruining the gaming industry atm by preventing the creativity of the developers from truly being explored so many games have been ruined by publishers like EA, help a fellow gaming company with a shout out for them you should also check out the project Mercury might want to get involved it looks to me like the future and could be worthy millions and Chris doesn't realize it yet.

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