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After watching day 9's daily on this I tried it and absolutely rolled a protoss with it. I contained him to two bases the entire game while I expanded behind it like crazy. This build kinda kicks the meta in the face. Many protoss players are expecting a huge push coming from terran at about 10 to 11 min. While this push hits around 8 to 9.

10 depot
12 Barracks
15 stop barracks, start supply depot (2), stop supply depot (2), finish barracks 1 marine
15 OC, Finish supply depot (2) and 1 marine
16 CC, turn into OC before you fly over
20~ double rax
22~ double gas
35~ bunker, 2 tech labs and 1 reactor
@100 Gas - Stim
@100 gas - combat shields
Start marauders (don't go too crazy on them here)

7 min Factory, concussive shells, gas(3)
8 min Engineering bay and + 1 attack

Do your standard factory reactor switch with starport.

Here is the link to the daily. Enjoy :3
It is actually identical to FilterSC's build that he teaches, and is nothing new really other than he gets in the protoss's face before medivacs come just to abuse his bio over gateway units for a little longer ;)

The intention of moving out early and letting your medivacs rally to you is:

A) You kill him
B) force all his money into gateway units, digging into his robo/templar tech "trust fund" which isn't ready yet because it is aiming for medivac timing
C) Starts draining ff energy, making those chargeless zealots that much worse
D) Is super, super annoying
01/29/2013 04:59 PMPosted by fingrknitter
D) Is super, super annoying

Do you really need more then just this reason?
01/29/2013 07:08 PMPosted by Rtsprog
D) Is super, super annoying

Do you really need more then just this reason?

lol if that's your thing haha.
terrans annoying me out of the game is what made me quit sc2 for a year :D
Terran annoyance is our Psi Storm, our Infestors, our Winning Strategy.

Long live Hellion harass.

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