Cannot enter any lobbies or start any games

Technical Support
I cannot play any games of any type, the small window that shows you map download time and ladder que information appears for a moment with no text then vanishes with no error message.
Any help would be appreciated, I have no information to go on to determine the cause.
Beardednoob, this may be related to your current location. I would try the suggestions from this sticky:

SEA / AUS / NZ / Japan Connection Issues
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
many of us have tried these suggestions and they do not work, we need to know blizzard acknowledges that the google dns suggestion does not work for most of us and a direct fix on blizzards side is being worked on.
it did work for me....for an hour, now its telling me I cant download the content. I will add my trace information on the main post to help resolve this.

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