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Unfortunately I don't know a outright clear way to beat mass hellbat I just want to throw around some ideas because the increasing use of Hellbats as well as there so feared drops. Specifically I'm going to be talking about a situation in which onetrickpony does quite well versus duemuslim but losses to some meching (a recent game from husky)

right away I noticed those stalkers have way to little dps to trade well against the Hellbats considering the fact there so great tanking units.(even though there should have been a little bit more micro on onetrickponies side.) also immortals don't get there extra damage versus Hellbats and the collosi got beat by a good amount of Vikings well what could he have done? Obviously sky toss would have faired very well with the army comp demuslim had but what if your only in a position where a ground army can be made what then?

Lets take a look at the hellbat it is a good damaging unit that tanks damage and can be massed, it's weaknesses it clumps and it is fairly slow with a low range. So I propose this set up could really do well against Hellbats an undetermanted amount of siege tanks and Vikings. You would want high Templars, sentries and two robotics facilities. I figure the aoe of the HT plus good Forcefields and immortals plus a few stalkers (ugh) to help tank damage would be able to effectively deal with the opposing composition because it is slower. There's also bonuses hallucination to keep tabs on the enemy there composition base structure ect Feedback for the medivacs would really help prevent drops. Easy switch to dropships for zealot pressure (HT?) and could quick change to collosi if the try switching to marines and faze out Vikings.

All though of course there's draw backs HIGH gas cost Although that composition is rather slow attacking with high damage so you could do one forge on attack to help alleviate some cost since armour and shields won't be affected as much plus guardin shield could be used. This comp won't be nearly as affective versus marines so you need to scout the tech switch. They high gas cos is why I chose immortals instead of collosi from robo 250mins 100gas versus 300min 200gas per unit for more mineral spending also dropship with zealot pressure as another mineral dump. Can someone test it out? Unfortunately I don't have the apm to put this build through rigorous testing any feedback would be really insightful.
I have come to the conclusion that you really need to open Stargate against a Terran that opens gas. It's the only safe opener anymore.

If you open Stargate I'd say open with Zealot Zealot Sentry and a couple Oracles. If they attack with a big Barracks army, the Marines die really fast to Oracle fire. Oracles also trash Hellions and will really punish a build that opens without Marines. If they just expand, you can get the Oracles on the map and kill SCVs to catch up.

So eventually if they are making Hellbats, they will be using the rest of their gas on stuff like Marauders, Thors or Tanks, to which you should take a 2nd base and start making Tempests or Void Rays. I'd say spending extra minerals on cannons and expanding slowly is a better investment than a lot of Zealots.
I agree about expanding and a few cannons I don't want you to make 20 zealots for harass but you should be able to do damage with one or two zealot warpin''s. (I don't expect you to be on one or two bases the entire game.) Also I really doubt a Terran would use the same strategy if they know you have stargates which is why I said not in a position where you can easily or effectively switch to sky toss.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this is a theory build that can be used personally I don't have that much trouble with Hellbats.
"How to beat Hellbats" is a great question, and one that Protoss players need to ask themselves. Hellbats require no gas, but Terran need 100 gas for a Factory, Armory, Starport, and Medivac.

This means Terran can go for early gas, WHILE Protoss is working a gasless expand but instead needs gas for a Stargate counter to Hellbat Harass. Hellbats are "Light" and vulnerable to Phoenixes, but that seems a strange soft counter. Hellbats have range 2, so Sentries should be able to push them away with Force Fields and attack at range 5, but that also seems like a strange soft counter. Immortals are expensive and also a strange soft counter. I like the High Templar Feedback of the Medivac tactic. I don't like the kite-with-Stalkers tactic because Hellbats are best dropped in crowded areas, where kiting is awkward. In the VERY open field, Stalkers should be very "safe" against Hellbats, except that Stalkers deal about 7 damage per second and Hellbats have 135 HP each. Maybe kiting with range 3 Archons can work?

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