Dear Blizzard

Technical Support
This is my 3rd post with regards to the terrible game experience that myself and many other of your "valued" customers are experiencing due to the failure on your part to resolve issues that have long been standing for the past 3 weeks.

The first of which was the connection issue for SEA/NZ/AUS/etc.. players who were unable to connect to the game.

And now, we have issues whereby we are unable to start a 1v1 game due to the clientsidecache.... issue.

Please sort out the issues at YOUR end. I understand resources may have been redirected to HOTS but that is no excuse to delay the fix for current gaming experience.

Hopefully, you do not delete this post as you did to my earlier one so that others who have the same issues are able to sound out their concerns here as well.

A "valued" customer
They wont reposnd here, AND they have greyed out our ability to submit a support ticket, now THAT is customer service.

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