hotkeying all hatcherys on one key ?

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well I hot keyed all my hatcherys on 2 and I would just press 2 > S > D to make drones but after looking at all the hatcherys they were barley any at the other hatcherys , do I just have to seperatley hotkey them ?
No... you can hotkey all your hatches. I hotkey it to 5. 5 > s selects all larvae at all hatcheries. If you JUST made a round of drones, you'll have used all your larvae. Of course there will only be one or two available :)
Just make sure you set worker rally points for each Hatch if you want to do this. Also, be careful you aren't over saturating one base, while under saturating others.
select drones at your main
build the number of drones u need there
right click on mineral patch at main.

select drones at nat
build the number of drones u need there
right click on mineral patch at nat

repeat for as many hatcheries as you have

btw, u need 16 on minerals and 6 at gas, but 2 will always be inside gas, so if u select an optimally saturated mineral field, you will see 20 drones (2 1/2 rows).

once u have a mineral field optimally saturated, simply replace a drone if u ever build a building.

u want 70-75 drones overall, so thats basically 3 optimally saturated bases + harvesting gas at your 4th. once your main and nat start running out of resources, it starts getting tougher to quickly count your drones, so the best thing to do is just replace drones whenever you use them.

if your planning on making a bunch of spine walls, u can go up to about 100 drones and then build the spines, which can be useful vs terran or toss, not so much vs zerg.

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