Defending with Queens

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So I have recently started defending myself early game with queens, and I wanted to get an idea (from the community) of what a good number of queens to have for defense is. It seems like 1 per hatch, and then a roaming pack of 3-5 is helping.

Too many? Just right? Outright wrong? A little help / a few opinions would be nice :D
I've found against terran that 4 extra queens feels pretty good, I create tumors with 2, then alternate so that they all have some energy banked for transfuses. If I see the terran is favoring hellions/Banshees I'll throw a couple more queens out to wall my sim-cities and shoot up. If he is going Bio i'll usually put a few spines up with a baneling nest.
cool so it sounds like im on track there haha. What about toss though?
I prefer 4 queens instead of 6 and just pick up an earlier expansion with the saved minerals.

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