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Note: this is my first thread. Please point out any lore mistakes. More parts will be coming soon, and I will post updates as this is a very rough draft.
Arerios stood, and watched as his troops took weapons, donned armor, and prepared themselves. The Ramden Kalathi had crossed the line, when a raiding party had destroyed several Meldahd Kalathi villages. Now, the Maldion Kalathi, his Kalathi, prepared to strike back. The Ramden raiding party would be shattered and broken.
He led a force of 200 Kalathi Bloodreavers. He faced a force almost four times his size, but he was not worried. Bloodreavers were elites, masters of combat, armed with deadly blades and spike launchers.
They moved through the withered forests of North Eria, quietly covering ground. The Ramden raiding group was very nearby, and the scouts he had sent out reported that they would be moving through this area soon. The trees stopped abruptly and Arerios found himself looking out on a small road. This one led back to Ramden territory, only a few hours away on foot.
Half of the bloodreavers moved to the other side of the treeline and they waited. Half an hour later, a large group of Ramden came marching up the path, wielding weapons and carrying trophies. They were talking aimlessly, obviously foolhardy after the destruction of the Meldahd villages. Arerios’s blood boiled watching them chatter and laugh, he longed to rip their throats out then and there. As soon as the column had halfway passed, Arerios gave the signal, and a horn sounded, signaling the attack.
Arerios charged forward and hacked the arm off the first Ramden he saw. He put a spikeball through the next one’s gut. Bluish blood was flying into the air as the rest of the bloodreavers engaged the raiders. A Ramden swung a blade at him, snapping Arerios back to the fight at hand. He parried, kicked the Ramden’s knee in and finished it by decapitating the fallen Kalathi.
His second in command, Peratia, appeared in a flurry of blades, killing two Ramden before a third plunged a blade into her abdomen. He dispatched the Ramden, without a second look at Peratia. She had died a bloodreaver’s death, in the heat of battle. A Ramden came at him from the back, attempting to stab him. Arerios dodged, grabbed the Ramden and used him to absorb another Ramden’s sword.
The Ramden who had just killed his fellow fell to his knees, begging, “mercy, mercy, please”
Arerios paused before he killed the Ramden and asked, “did you have mercy on the Maldion villagers? I think not.” The Ramden let out a choking sob and Arerios decapitated him.
He continued to hack his way through Ramden, killing almost effortlessly. As the battle ended, one last Ramden charged at him and managed to stab him in the arm with a dagger. He dispatched the fool with a spikeball and turned to examine his reaver’s work. The Ramden were massacred, lying dead and mangled in a field slick with blood.
His men were either moving through the field examining corpses or surrounding the Ramden leader. Arerios had asked for his men to disarm and spare him. Arerios walked up and glared at the Kalathi.
The Ramden spoke with a wounded hatred “why have you spared me? Why not let me die with my comrades”
Arerios spat at him “you do not deserve to live, but you serve a purpose. Go, run to your Ramden leaders and tell them what the Maldion have done today. It is war.”
His bloodreavers nodded grimly.
Within the hour, war was declared and both Kalathi nations amassed for it. Arerios’s bloodreaver’s were assigned to join a greater force that was preparing to march on Lhath, a major Ramden city.
High above Kalathon, a small Protoss vessel orbited the planet. Inside sat one scientist, posted there when the last Kalathi war had ended. He read the radio reports coming from the planet and swore.
He walked over to a computer console and tapped in the password. He then sent a message to Aiur. “War has begun. Send reinforcements immediately.”
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What Dacder said ... this story is ... interesting not sure if I will follow it though.
It gets better. This first part is weak. maybe just read the next part, and then stop there.

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