How many marines in 5min can you get out?

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Heres a simple question thats easily debateable.
How many marines is it possible to get out in 5-6 min game time?
And what build would you use to do this?
with 5 rax complete provided you didnt get supply blocked it takes 100sec(1:40) to spawn 20.
So if it was possible to have your 5 rax built by 3:20(you would have to start them by 2:00)
you could have 20 marines out and rushing by 5min.
Would this at all be possible?
Or is there a faster way for more?
I'm looking for the biggest quantity in 5min, i know you can have a smaller number faster.
5 rax is not optimal since you cannot optimally produce out of them.

Seeing as you want to hit b4 5min and want marines 3 rax all-in is the best build. You can get 8 marines by 4:30 and hit with 8 marines plus 10-12 scvs. You also have an orbital behind to mule and continue producing 2 rounds of 3 marines at a time.
why can you not optimally produce? (noob talking here)
and if you dropped the orbital and went straight minerals no gas. could you go 4 rax and have more out faster?
i know with my skill level(aka extremely slow, missing scv spawns, misclicking, etc, im not that great) i can 4 rax and have 16-20 out in 7ish. what would is take to get them before 6?
it really depends on what timing you are trying to hit because in the early games, 15-30secs can make a huge difference.

3 rax all-in is advantageous in that it is the most efficient way of making as many marines and scv as possible from 4:15-5min. It is only of the best cheese ever since protoss only will have their 1st stalker out at 4:20ish (unless they cut the zealot). This build is actually a great cheese against protoss.

Another way is to go Lastshadow's 6 rax which you open 1 rax FE and then add on 5 more raxes while continuing scv production but do not take gas. You can hit at 7:15 with around 24 marines.

Against zerg you want as many marines out as possible before pool is finished which is why ppl go 11/11 to get those 2-4 marines and knock at zerg's base right as pool finishes or even before it.

So i guess the point is it depends on what timing you want to hit and against what race.
You can never have enough resources to build 5 rax at the 2:00 point, it is just not possible.

Here's the best I can do, 10th marine finishes at 4:55, 4 more on the way. Can have 4th and 5th rax on the way if you want, but no more marines by 5:00, and you won't have the income to produce out of 5 rax because you had to cut so many SCVs.

You could also get the same outcome without cutting SCVs except to make the 15 orbital (rather than 16), but no extra rax on the way.
Alright, imma play around with it when i get the chance. thank you for your thoughts!
Ok, I played a bit more, realized I was stupid not to try the 11/11 rax, which lets you get out your 11th marine at the 5 minute mark if you cut SCVs.

I also came up with the 11/11/11 rax, where your 13th marine finishes at exactly 5:00 with perfect timings, but this is purely all in, and you will never get to build more than 3 marines at a time because your economy is completely stopped. I think this is the most marines at 5:00, but you will not win any games with it.
You could use the TLO cheese from a while back. It won't get you the most marines at 5 minutes but it will get you the most marines around 6-7 minutes. It's a 6-rax off 1 base all-in. Build scvs + marines out of your 1 rax until you have enough to throw down 5 more barracks. Constantly produce out of them.
I use this one and can get out about 16 early on.

In the lower leagues(where I am at lol) it works on any build. This is the build you most likely wanted to hear about but the timing on this one (at least for me) attacks around 6 min. And last thing, this is for sure an all in.

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