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Hey guys,
I'm a bronze player working his way up to silver, hoping he can get a promotion by the end of summer break. Never mind that. The only thing stopping my silver advancement is my TvZ. Right now, I know there are 2 major styles that are played in professional games; marine-tank, and mech. I have tried marine tank, and it is surprisingly good, but my problem is that a good chunk of my marines die due to baneling waves and whatnot. My tank count is usuallly good. I am thinking of trying mech. It looks like a really fun style,and it prevents the zerg from using banelings(from my point of view). What are the pros, cons, and strategies of each style? What micro techniques and build orders can I use for that particular style?

I have also read a lot of build orders versus zerg if you go to gosubuilds.com, there are some really nice ones, i.e, marine hellion medivac timing, etc. What build order is best for a bronze TVZ (btw, it would be nice not to give me the "oh, in bronze just work on macro and get a lot of units, whatnot" I've spent a lot of time working on that and can cross filtersc's benchmarks 85% of the time).

and finally, just some random stuff;

I have this one annoying problem sometimes. Occasionally my mechanics slip up and I accidentally hotkey a scv to a barracks hotkey. Therefore, when I try to press "A" to train marine, the scv wants to attack. How do I get rid of things on hotkeys?


Thank you Terran Community!

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well in regard to the hotkey, i mean its just getting use to it and not slipping up.

Now, im a master terran mecher, and i personally love mech. So i can tell you the cons and pros of it.

1. Very immobile, you will have to practice your defense alot, and not make mistakes.
2. There are certain timings its very vulnerable to. You will have to practice surviving these timings.
3. The thing i love about mech is i never have to deal with fungel, and banelings. Im not much for micro, so mech is personally the best way for me.
To get rid of a scv that is hotkeyed with barrack, you have 2 choice, or you reselect all your barracks and hotkey them. Or while having your barrack+ scv selected, you shift click on the scv to remove it and rehotkey the remaining barrack.

Other useful tools: control + click allow you to select every of that unit/building on the screen.
shift + click allow you to add more unit/building to your already selected group.
these are the 5 most used builds right now:

1. 1 rax FE, hellion banshee >> mech or marine tanks.

2. 1 rax FE, hellion marine push >> marine tanks.

3. 2 rax at 11/11 supply bunker rush. Kill hatch while expanding. >> marine tanks.

4. 14 supply expand get 2 rax and 2 gas, try to bunker rush zergs 3rd base. if zerg doesnt expand just stay in ur base >> marine tanks.

5. 1 rax dubble expand mass marines tanks >> be maxed about 14 min then "faceroll" marines tanks medivacs and push untill zerg lose

I recommend to learn how use all these builds. Then use the best depending on the map. Its just boring and unskilled to only know 1 build and 1 style imo.
i like to 1 rax expand

get my 2 gas quickly

at around 6-7min u should have 2 hellions to scout

around 8-9 min banshee(now if u see that zerg has a spore on each base cancel cloak) doing this literally saved my !@# so many times

what do u do when u cancel cloak? make moar rax and get seige mode double engineering bay and 3rd CC

from here its all macro

usual time to push is at 150+ supply or b4 15 min depending on how much damage u did w/ banshee/hellions. MAKE SURE U HAVE ATLEAST 3 TANKS or MORE b4 u push out and dont get caught unseiging

make sure u scan or scout w/ 1 marine or scv to see whats a head(so many times i dont scout and get caught offguard and dont have the time to split marines and just die to A move zerg)

practice marine split

practice spooning(slowing tank/bio push towards zerg 4th or 3rd base) you want to create a line of tanks and bio units, atleast 3-5 tanks. When zerg atk you stim your marine back to the last tank and split marine.

and answer to your error on barrack hotkey w/ scv is to shift + click the SCV under the set hotkey, it should eliminate the SCV in that hotkey, or u can just alt + click all your rax and shift + click the other rax not nearby.

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